DOI:10.6660/TESFE.1994022台灣昆蟲Formosan Entomol. 14: 271-275 (1994) 科學短訊  Scientific note
Formosan Entomologist
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Relationship between Growth Vigor of Citrus Trees and Damage by White-Spotted Longicorn Beetles 【Scientific note】

A-Shiang Hwang, Kun-Yaw Ho
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Received:      Accepted: 1994/01/06     Available online: 1994/06/01
The damage to citrus species by white-spotted longicorn beetles (Anoplo-phora maculata Thomson) was correlated with the growth vigor of the trees, and declined trees tended to be damaged by the insects. In early May, 40.64% Furadan (F. P. diluted with 100-fold water) was sprayed on the trunks, and larvae of the beetles in the trunks were investigated from mid to late July. The decision coefficients (R2) between the fraction of injured trees and the rating of growth vigor were between 0.944 and 0.623 for various species of citrus.


Key words: Citrus, Anoplophora maculata, growth vigor, damage.
關鍵詞: 柑橘、樹勢、星天牛、為害。
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