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Formosan Entomologist
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Damage of the Leafminer, Liriomyza bryoniae Kalt. and Its Influence on the Fruit Quantity and Quality 【Research Article】

Ching-Huan Cheng
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Received:      Accepted: 1994/09/13     Available online: 1994/12/01
The leafminer, Liriomyza bryoniae Kalt. (Diptera:Agromyzidae) is an important insect pest of muskmelon in Taiwan. The adults inflict injury to the plant by puncturing the leaf surface with their ovipositors and lapping juice from the punctures, thereby resulting in numerous white spots remaining on the leaves. Meanwhile the larvae fed inside the leaf tissues and created a number of serpentine mines. Heavy stippling and mining could kill seedlings or else slow the growth of plants. Under the growth chamber with temperature at 15、20、25 and 30℃ and 14-hr. light conditions, the feeding activity of adult was highest at 25℃. Wherein, a female could create about 820 feeding punctures daily and 4032 in total. The feeding punctures declined remarkably at temperatures higher or lower than 25℃. On the other hand, the leaf area mined by a larva was about 515 mm2 which was singnificantly larger than those mined at other tempera-tures. In field conditions, the damage of the leafminer increased with the growth of muskmelon. It could cause yield reduuction more than 60﹪. However, the yield and quality of fruit were not affected significantly when the damage did not exceed grade 2(ex. 2-3 miners or mines per leaf and the number of damaged leaves did not exceed 20% of total leaves). Moreover, the yield reduction in plants injured before fruit setting stage was significantly higher than that injured during the fruit growing stage. As a control program initiated from seedling stage, the yidld and quality of fruit between the plants protected from damage of the leafminer up to mid-fruiting stage and those protected up to the mature stage were not different significantly, indicating that control of the pest after mid-fruiting stage was not required.


Key words: Lieiomyza bryoniae, muskmelon, damage, yield reduction.
關鍵詞: 番茄斑潛蠅、洋香瓜、為害、產量損失。
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