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Effects of Orchard Cover Crop on Arthropod Population Density 【Research Article】

Kun-Yaw Ho
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Received:      Accepted: 1994/09/22     Available online: 1994/12/01
Experimental results obtained from occurrences of arthropods (insects and mites) in different orchard ground cover treatments in 1992 at Kaysville Research Station of Utah State University indicated that weeds (dicotyledon) were better than grass (monocotyledon) as ground cover crops in apple and tart cherry orchards. More spider mites were found in treatment of grass than found in weeds;in addition, more natural enemies were found in weed treatments in sweeping samples. From the summary of apple and cherry orchards, the preference of the grounnd covers for pest control was found to be weeds (Alfalfa, Clover, Bindweed)> Bare Ck (Herbicided and Cultivated)> grasses (Compa-nion, Redfescue, Ryegrass). Separating all the eight ground cover treatments, the preference order is as follows:Clover > Herbicided CK > Alfalfa=Bindweed > Culltivated CK > Companion > Redfescue > Ryegrass.

於1992年在猶他州立大學試驗站,調查昆蟲與璊類在不同植被作物處理地之發生情形,在蘋果與酸櫻桃果園中,闊葉雜草比單子葉植物更適於當地面植被。在單子葉雜草上發現較多之葉璊,而在掃網調查中卻在闊葉草上找到較多之天敵。綜合蘋果與櫻桃果園之調查,從蟲害防治之觀點考慮地上植被之適用性,則結果為闊葉草(紫花苜蓿、白花三葉草、田旋花)優於裸露地面(施殺草劑、耕培除草),然後再優於單子葉雜草(複合禾草、葦狀羊茅、黑麥草)。若單獨以8個地面植被處理分開來比較,則其優越性依次為:白花三葉草(Clover)>殺草劑對照區>紫花苜蓿(Alfalfa)=田旋花(Bindweed)>耕培除草區>複合禾草(Companion grass)>葦狀羊茅(Redfescue)>黑麥草(Ryegra-ss)。

Key words: Cover crop, arthropod, population density.
關鍵詞: 植被作物、節足動物、族群密度。
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