DOI:10.6661/TESFE.2003016台灣昆蟲Formosan Entomol. 23: 171-178 (2003) 研究報告  Research Article
Formosan Entomologist
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Quantification and Bioassay of Components in the Sex Pheromone Gland of the Tussock Moth, Orgyia postica (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) in Taiwan 【Research Article】

台灣小白紋毒蛾Orgyia postica (鱗翅目:毒蛾科) 性費洛蒙含量與生物活性檢定【研究報告】
Hsiao-Yung Ho*, Ru-Shiou Tsai, Chia-Hui Wu, and Yien-Shing Chow
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Received: 2003/03/20     Accepted: 2003/06/10     Available online: 2003/09/01
Two components, trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6,9)-heneicosadiene and (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one, were identified from the sex pheromone glands of Orgyia postica (Walker) in Taiwan by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The average amounts of trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene and (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one in individual virgin female glands were 30.7 ± 3.3 and 8.7 ± 0.6 ng/female, respectively, and the ratio of the amount of the two components was 3.6 ± 0.3. Using the single component of (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one, no moths were caught in the field. Using the combination of trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene and (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one at a ratio found in the gland extract of 4: 1, significantly more males were caught than with trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene alone.

用氣相層析質譜儀以及氣相層析儀鑑定台灣小白紋毒蛾的性腺體中兩種成分,trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene 與 (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one,在處女蛾腺體的平均含量分別為 30.7 3.3 及 8.7 0.6 ng ,而二者的含量比例為3.6 0.3. 單獨用trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene可以誘到雄蟲,單獨用 (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one 做誘餌,無法抓到雄蛾,但是將兩種成分,用4: 1的比例做誘餌,誘到的雄蟲比單獨用trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene 誘到的多。

Key words: Orgyia postica, trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)-heneicosadiene, (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one, EAG, bioassay
關鍵詞: 小白紋毒蛾Orgyia postica, trans-11S,12S-epoxy-(6Z,9Z)- heneicosadiene, (Z)-6-heneicosen-11-one, EAG, 生物檢定
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